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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Muumuu Madness!!!

Addicted to muumuus you say???  Although I'd hate to admit it, I guess I am and for good reason.  First of all, the muumuu does not discriminate, it ranges in style, comfort, print, and color.  Those dresses that are not "aloha" print are still muumuus even though they are called "house dresses."  Secondly, with the fabric payout on a larger muum, you can make almost anything.  NO, really....anything.  Finally, in their present and intended condition, they are usually ghastly and marked down super cheap at thrift stores because...let's face one under 60 admits to wanting to "rock the muum, yo!"  Take this little ditty for example:
You see.  So ghastly it hurts.  Well, kinda...
The arms on this muumuu were unusually small and due to the pull, made it very uncomfortable to zip all the way.  It was also somewhat sheer but totally G rated.  The brand was "Mako" which (I believe) is a "Goach-y" brand of Mamo *cough* I have one *cough.*  I loved the print and the hot fuschia color.  I scored, and got it for a whopping $3.99.  Suckas!!!!

I also loved the pleating in the front neckline of the muum because it allowed it to drape very well. 
For this project I would need to enlist the help of this freebie top from my gorgeous cousin who can't wear it anymore as she is, again, bringing life into this world.

While no Mamo, this little ditty did have a zipper I wanted to keep and so I zipped it below the place I would be cutting and secured it with a safety pin.

Wanting to keep the pleating at all costs, made a large basting stitch across the entire muum.

Using my pinking shears, cut above the basting line from armpit to armpit.

With the shirt turned inside out, from the bottom measured about 9 inches and snipped.   
Using another of my store bought strapless maxis, measured at the side seams and stitched right on the seam using a zig zag stitch (asking Santa for a Serger for Christmas) because of the really stretchy jersey. 
The finished tube top with the old hem being the new top.
Then, I took some elastic and cut it to fit my bust line.  I folded it in half and half again and marked each fold so that when placed on the tube top, would have a marker for the front middle, side, back middle, side.  Pinned into place and stitched across the top, again using a zig zag stitch.  I also applied some light tension on the elastic while stitching to allow it to naturally gather.  Stitched the elastic together at one side seam.  Then I pinned the tube top and basted skirt together, right sides facing and stitched together.
Rocking the muum, Yo!!! 
Just in time to go check out the Swap Meet.
  Addicted to maxi dresses you say?!?  Well, yes and for good reason as it allows me to skip the "speed shave" that ALL married women are guilty of doing..usually 5 minutes before leaving the house.
Oooohhh!!!  The Little Guy devouring his Rainbow Shave Ice that ALL must experience.  And so refreshing as it was scorching in town today. 
My absolute favorite Swap Meet vendor as every item in his tent is only $5.00 and totally brand new.  Look for him gals!  He's got some really great stuff.  No muumuus though :(
And a little treat for me..only THE best Macaroons on the planet..seriously the Toffee Chocolate Chip will change your life.  Another addiction...don't judge me.
Well, at least I made it with a full unopened bag to my car.  (Editor's note:  This was due primarily to the icy cold air conditioning that awaited within.)

The Little Guy enjoying a well deserved dip in the pool.  All teeth!!!

Twelve step I come,


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Black and White Unite

Anyone who has seen my blog knows that I am definitely NOT afraid of color, but when I saw this little ditty (though it lacked a little spice) I couldn't pass it up.  Just another muumuu you say?  Kinda.  Although it looks like your tyical muum, upon closer inspection I discovered that this was indeed an original Mamo Howell.  During the 80's (here we go again with the 80's) in Hawaii, the name "Mamo" was synonymous with designer muumuus.  In short THE Cadillac, Escalade of all muums. 

Found on the last thrifting adventure with my little guy, I was subject to quite a bit of eyeballing as other thrifting junkies got whiff of this little treasure.  Although not a label worshipper, I couldn't resist getting a bit highbrow.  Oh NO, you didn't girl.  Oh YES, I did!!  I'm thinking I could turn this little ditty into the black and white maxi dress my wardrobe has been missing.

Helloooo Dahling.  What...This old thing?!? 

Bam!  Even the label is blinging..

The fabulous waist pleating that was oh so slimming.
Totally keeping that little feature and also the hidden waist pockets.
*Cough* Designer
*Cough* Mamo

Obviously got to get rid of that collar though.  And the puff sleeves.....SOOO 80's, they gotta go too.
  Seam ripper in "Ramming Speed."

The super sad leftovers being guarded by the BTKK. 
"Who loves Kitty?"

To make it more "wow" and less muum, deepened the neckline a bit to a PG-13 V-neck by
seam ripping about an inch at the center seam. 

There was a yoke attached, which I could have removed but it added stability to the neckline and I decided to keep it.  I opened it about an inch, folded both sides in, pressed, pinned together and stitched.  With the new neckline in place, I folded and pressed the armholes in and stitched those as well.

I wanted to keep this a maxi dress but wanted to lose the black banded bottom so I pressed in at the seam and stitched.  Could it get any easier??  I'm telling you, it's all about quality, quality, quality.
*Cough* Mamo

The new, modified maxi with my quality Little Guy, getting ready to celebrate
of both of my history courses.

Whoa Buddy!!!  I'm gonna have to cut you off, you're looking a little compromised.  Can you count backwards from 10?

Ahhh!  Sweet Sangria! 
"Why yes dahling, It was a Mamo. "
Strawberry Pie, I LOVE you man!!  No, no.  I mean I LOVE you man.

Muahh * Muahh,


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lace. Challenge accepted.

Like many fellow refashionistas, I'm a contributor to the Re-Fashion Co-op which provides a place for refashioners everywhere to share their projects and ideas.  Well, this week the editors at the re-fashion co-op decided to throw a design challenge our way...AND I, being the Project Runway junkie, decided it would be super fun to do.  Enter lace crop top and silk chemise:

Here's the little guy trying to pose with the dressform.  Note the extremely R-rated chemise with a slit up to...well, there.

And the lace crop top.
Both of these goodies were freebies, so I didn't mind experimenting.  Inspired by the lingerie type tanks, I wanted to combine both looks into one...but how?

The back of the chemise had a really cool elasticized band and strap detailing but no way that I would wear something that skimpy in public, even in Hawaii.

Pouting a bit because a couldn't salvage the bust, made a HUGE cut across the top.  This new cut would mark my new bustline.
Then I cut straight across on the black lace crop at the armpits.  This formed 2 rectagular lace pieces.

I placed these lace "pattern" pieces on the leftover silk pieces to form 2 identical silk rectangles.

Overlaying the lace onto the silk, placed wrong sides together and stitched together making a layered tube.  Using silk scraps, I made 2 straps leaving the ends unstitched for about 2 inches to form a corsetted type strap for the bust.  These got stitched on as well.
Matching right sides together,I pinned the new tube top to the bottom of the tunic and stitched.  

Using a few black lace scraps, I made an overlay for the lace lining the R-rated slit and as you can see from the picture above, I tacked it on...BUT wasn't digging it.  I bet you can guess why.
Design edit time!!!
Because I coudn't keep the slit and still have the top look moderately cute, I shortened the hem to right above the slit and stitched. 

Voila!!!  Lingerie inspired top I can pair with cardigan, slacks, or jeans.  It ended up being shorter than I planned because of the slit but still very wearable.  

Taking a break from nursing this little guy back to health:
She was a "gift" from my BTKK (bind, torture, kill kitty), me and my Little Guy decide to do a little thrifting.  (Editor's note: Yes, she is a bit scrappy looking but we don't hold it against her.)

Yeah, not really excited about it but being a good sport with his Jamba Juice and Pop Chips.  Returning home we discover...
that the BTKK strikes again.

Lori, OUT!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mothers Run the World...Seriously!

Do you ever wonder why Mother's Day is globally hyped up from just after Valentines' Day and Father's Day is lucky if it gets a mention in the local paper the weekend before?  It's because Moms *insert expletive* ROCK!!  Let's face it, we do.  Tell me, who else is gonna get up at the buttcrack of dawn, cook the kids breakfast, brush their teeth, wipe their butts, and get them ready to watch/chase them all over God's green earth while you complete the kajillion things that you need to before you have to come back home cook dinner, give the kids a bath, wipe their butts, brush their teeth, and tuck them in.  It's a wonder that we even manage the many "I love you(s)."  And all this while still being able to tell your husband (who is looking right at it) exactly where the mustard is located in the fridge, while in another room.

But, I digress.

This little ditty was a freebie from my Grams who just so happens to work in one of the finest thrift stores on Maui.
      Oh yeah, flippin' the collar like the Gangstas we are!!
Being the clothes junkie that I am, I have a TON of day dresses to wear throughout the summer and needed a cool cover up besides the basic black & white. 
Enter ugly denim button up.
First things first, yooz gotta get riddah da collah.
(Editor's note:  Tony Soprano accent TOTALLY inteded.)
And no one wears 2 pockets, soz one a dems gotta go too!
Den ya gotta take the length out.

Den you gotta make it fit.  I took it in at the boob dahts and at the sides.  Got me?  Then stitch everything up, fold in and stitch a new hem...and
Bing, Bang, got sumthin special.  
Know what I'm saying?

Mom's Rule, Dad's Drool,