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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making Molly Ringwald Proud

After taking the little one to summer school and deciding I have no life (after working out of course), I stumbled upon this little ditty at one of the very few "thrift" shops on Maui.  Upon first glance it  instantly transported me to a time, long ago, when being the oddball was cool and teen angst could easily be quieted by a soundtrack of Police, Joan Jett, and Cyndi Lauper.  That's right..the 80's.

Of course, in it's present condition it was more apt to induce nausea and massive amounts of guilt for not attending church last Sunday, but the potential was there.  I especially loved the floral print and of course the

My would be photog wanting to ham it up for the camera
 so had to set the timer.  Mom hair-do intentional (yeah right).

 The neckline in its full matronly glory.
 On with the obvious, removing the shoulder pads (seriously?), the lace lapels, white shift, and the sleeves.
 See, it's much happier now. (cuckoo, cuckoo)
 When removing the yoked collar, I discovered (accidentally, of course) that it was completely sewn into the waistline.  I decided (accidentally, of course) to snip and use some of the yoke to fashion a new neckline.
 I accomplished this by crossing the left side yoke to the right and the right to the left, adjusting and sewing into place.  Here is a slightly blurry pic showing the cross detail achieved.  Completed the look by stitching the armholes..AND
 my photog and I are ready to paint the town green.  Complete with cheeseball poses and fake smile at the hubby & daddy trying to take a good pic.
 The kiddo and hubby at my fav eatery playing tic tac toe.  Yes, the hubster's let him win.  Geez he's got that pageant queen wave down...getting worried.
 Close up of the non matronly neckline and ME getting my drink on!!!  Mom hairdo not intended.
Nightie nite!!  lori

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I should be exercising right now...

Okay, okay.  So I'm not gonna lie...I really should be working out right now.  But let's face it...blogging is more fun (and who am I this point, I would probably attempt an oil change rather than working out).  Anywho...after receiving such positive feedback on my new hobby, "refashioning" I decided to start my own blog and offer other refashion junkies a place to share ideas.  So here it first refashioned project *tear, sniff*..for all of you to see.

This dress has been sitting in the back of my closet for years waiting for me to do something..anything with.  I saved it from the "destroy" pile shortly after my parent's divorce a mere 20 years ago (that's right..they divorced when I was 5, okay).  My mother wore this little ditty OUT in the 80's..let's see work, church, Christmas parties, party parties..everywhere.  When I tried it on I understood is made out of a jersey/poly blend (it's all about the stretch) and is as comfortable as wearing a Snuggie minus the open back door.  After showing my mom the finished product (see below) I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my great grandmother actually made this for my mother when she was in her 20's.  
 This dress had a handy elasticized waist already built into it (Thanks Grandma!!) but SOOO not flattering.  Easy fix...raise the elastic waist to the bust line to create a modified A-line shape.
 Extreme close up of the v-neck neckline and retro print (which I love.)
 I took a note from some of the UBER expensive boutiques in Paia and decided to make the top one shoulder.  
1.  using the V in the neckline and one of my 1 shouldered tops as a guide, I cut across the top..allowing about 5/8 inch for a seam allowance.
2.  While trying the dress on (asking Santa for a dress form for Christmas) I pinned the existing shoulder so that the elastic waist was now directly under the bust.
3.  Folded over the seam allowance along the neckline and stitched, then I sewed along the newly marked shoulder seam and took in the top a skotch at the seams.

 Wanting to avoid re-doing the armholes at all costs, I decided to gather the shoulder and give it a kinda ruched look.  So using the seam allowance from the new shoulder seam, I simply folded over once and stitched in place to form 2 casings.
 I made a strap with my leftovers and fed it through the casing using the safety pin trick.  I wanted the tie/bow part facing out so I threaded the piece from armhole to neckline and neckline to armhole.  Scrunched to attain the look and tied the strap.
Voila!!!  Finished product complete with cheeseball pose and fake smile directed at my hubby who is trying very hard to take a good pic.
*Smooches* lori