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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Always a Bridesmaid, Never in Style...

Anyone who knows me, is well aware that I have been going OFF about the movie Bridesmaids finally being released on DVD.  By far one of the BEST and funniest movies of all time (no, really) it is a sure Oscar contender (not really, but just because Oscars are stoopid).  A more witty, female version of "The Hangover" it had a little something that everyone could relate too. 

While this little ditty is more "Mother of the Bride" than "Bridesmaid" it still fit the necessary criteria:  shape=none, color=workable, cheesetastic posability=high and likely.  A freebie from my gorgeous and generous Gramma (Thanks Grams!) it still had the dry cleaning tag on it and once deconstructed, offered more than one workable piece.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was home sewn.  Ahhhh!
  Yikes!!!  Blue satin, blue lace, and there was a modified train in the back.  SOS!  I need a theme song.  Enter Wilson Phillips
"I know this pain, why do you lock yourself up in these chains?  No one can change your life..."  Oh yeah!  Sing it if you know it!!
Once the lace vest? overlay? was pulled up, the neckline of the satin part of this dress was actually pretty, albeit a bit too fancy schmancy to wear day to day.
Lace, you're outta here.  Beginning to seam rip the many layers of home sewn goodness.  Then...

 got smart (read:  lazy) and decided to snip it all off around the armholes since I was nixing the long sleeves anyway.
Score!!! A lacey blue tank for a future refashioning adventure.

The bodice was lined and interfaced front and back (great job!) and I took advantage of the U-shape by sewing it to the dress following the pre-existing seam.  This formed a wide casing around the entire neckline of the dress.
I snipped about 1 inch from each of the straps and stitched back together leaving about a 1.5 inch opening in the middle of each strap.
My handy dandy ruler competently modeling the hole in the middle of each strap.  Work it girl!

Using a tie belt from a failed pending refashion, I thread it through the neckline casing, using a safety pin to lead the way.
Guiding the tie belt from the left shoulder, all the way around the neckline and back to the left shoulder.

Whoops!  Pump your brakes Lori, gotta open up the zipper seam to make sure it goes all the way around.  Duh!
Using the front hem of the dress as a guide, snipped the train off, folded a new hem and stitched.

Tightened the neckline a bit by pulling on both ends of the sash and "scrunching" the neckline equally.  Complete with modest bow and back by popular demand my Little Guy.  Who has been MIA due to preschool and NO he doesn't miss me at all. *tear*

Unfortunately, no painting the town green today, have a list of FUN necessary things to do.  But cupcakes make it all better...don't they?!?

Cake mix + cream cheese + red food dye + mixing
Red Velvet cupcakes with a twist.
And the Little Guy approves.
Like me, a little country..a little bit Rock'N Roll!

Do you know, things can change...things could go your way if you...
All together now!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pantsuits, legwarmers, and sweatbands...Oh MY!

I've been MIA for a bit and for that I sincerely apologize.  Surprisingly, I was experiencing a severe lack of inspiration.  Yeah, I had stuff in my refashion pile to get cracking on but none of it was speaking to me. 
Enter the "Vagicisers"

The elite group of OB nurses that totally rocked the house in the 52 mile Hana Relay last week.  "OB Nurses are Rad!"  Yes, we are.  Wasn't a decade of the 80's enough?!?  Not for me and apparently not for this gaggle of rad-ass gals.  That's why I was determined to take this little ditty from the totally bogus track suit and transform it into a one piece romper "Vagiciser" worthy:
Side ponytail and headband....check!!
Horrific button up jersey pantsuit...check...check!!

First things first, gotta get rid of that elastic waistband.  From the inside, I cut the waist band open on both sides, snipped both sides of elastic and removed.  I'll repurpose that later.
Both breast pockets, equally bad and equally gone.  Had to seam rip those.
Button up top, was sooooo not happening so had to get rid of those too.  I'll repurpose some later.
Since the pantsuit was jersey, I steam ironed the area that the pockets were located to help "seal" up those stitching holes.
Since the suit buttoned from the waist up, I needed to construct a new neckline.  Starting from the waistband, I stitched up about 4 inches.

Since I'm gonna be stepping in and out of this outfit, I needed to make sure the top was able to sneak over my hips.  Using the new neckline as a guide, I marked a new cut line on the back of the suit. 

I then cut straight down on this line and folded the edges in to form a V.  I repeated to the new neckline and stitched.
The sleeves were the next to get chopped.  I folded in the edges and stitched.
From the previously nixed elastic waistband (yeah! for refashioning) I cut 2, 2" strips to gather the straps.

Using the convenient front seam as a guide, zigzag stitched while applying tension and stretching the elastic.  When the tension is removed, the fabric will naturally gather.

Finally, handstitched 2 buttons to new, slimmer waistband.

and Voila! 
A totally bitchin' romper to dress up or down.
Whatcha think Team V?

That awesome huh?
Badonkakdonk, Queen Vagine, The Banger, Olga, Blondie, Nawty Nalanz, Sarah, and Dana in top form showing us that Vagiciser Spirit that scored them second FIRST place for the Team Spirit award.

Perm not required.

Peace Out!