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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy shapeless Kaftan, Batman!!!

Yes, it is.  Which is why I'm guessing it was discarded on the super, ultra, marked down a jillion-times rack at a local department store.  At $4.99 brand spanking new, I couldn't resist...look at the fabric payout!  I'll have enough for a cape...or at least a really cool eye mask.
With all of this vertical action I am bound to look slim in no time..but maybe TOO much print.
Enlisting the help of one of my neglected tops..
Are you thinking what I'm thinking????  Two Tone!!! the bat cave.

 First, time to get rid of those sleeves.
New top silhouette
Then following the seam under the bustline snipped the excess, keeping the cool knotted detail in the front.
Snipped off the bottom half of the kaftan.

Since it was sorta huge, decided to try my hand at pleating the front at the waistline and staystitched into place.
With right sides together, pinned the top to the bottom and stiched along the waist,  folded the new armholes in twice and stitched.  Took the entire dress in at the sides about 2 inches and...

Awk! Biff!! Whap! Zamm!!
A new dress to hang around in.
Sadly, no thrilling adventures for this uncaped crusader tonight.  It's all about the difficult (read:  IMPOSSIBLE) history homework and saving grace...Bud Light Lime.  Someone get me the Batphone..I'm about to have a BF!!!
Just in the nick of time, my padre saves the day with a box full of super yummy Two Ladies Kitchen mochi from Hilo.  *tear* *sniff*  Thanks Dad.



Rachel said...

Mmm beer. :) Great job - this is impressive!! All my refashions so far are pretty basic. I can't wait to see more! Following! :)

Brandy Shim said...

I absolutely love these posts! You are so talented! Maybe I should finish the dress I started sewing a year ago.... Hahaha! YOU'RE MY HERO.

Fight Hawaii Magazine said...

This is one of my faves for sure! Did you find anything at the refashioning hunt yesterday? Since refashioning is your gift (and sooo not mine), the only thing I have to redo is the Suzi Chin dress. Other then that tho, I scored some fab vintage fab, which IS totally my thing. There was a really cool orange 60s print via couch pillow cover. Only bought one, wanted to get them all but, you know. $$$. Write another post! It's been almost a week!!

Catherine said...

Okay I intended to leave a comment about how awesome your refashion is but then I saw the whole big box full of amazingly beautiful and tempting mochi. Oh my. Drool. You just gave me a major craving.

But your ginormous rectangle to fabulous dress is really great. Well done!

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