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Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's a Beauty....on the Inside

 Unfortunately, not every thrifting adventure is a success.  There are days when I go shopping for a specific concept, color, or material, and find absolutely butkus.  And other times in which the refashioning gods smile down upon me and shower me with cheap and versatile goodness.  When the former occurs, I usually regress and transform into a slap happy, impulse shopper capable of purchasing anything (no really, ANYTHING!) just because it would be downright criminal to leave empty handed.  *Sigh*  This little ditty is Exhibit A of one such incident:
Yikers!!  Is that a lace bodice???
I know what you're thinking...beyond repair, right?  Well, as we've been told time and again, don't judge a book by its cover.  My first instinct with this dress was to harvest the black chiffon for a different project, but after closer inspection, noticed that it definitely possessed a beauty within:
 Another home sewn goody!
Under all that chiffon was a hand-dyed satin shift, refashion worthy.  I loved the cool ombre effect of the fabric and the empire waist was also workable.  Carefully (and by that I mean very s-l-o-w-l-y) I seam ripped the top and bottom to remove the (not 1 but...) 2 layers of black chiffon.  The bodice of the dress was lined in black/green lace (why?) which also needed to be removed.

With all the seam ripping out of the way, re-attached the zipper, the bodice, and the skirt, took everything in a bit, cut some length off, and hemmed.  Easy right?
Well...maybe not, but totally worth it.
Finished this little ditty, just in the nick of time to wear to a friend's GORGEOUS wedding.   
Me & KK, the official cupcaketeers.