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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to find a Pinterest Anonymous meeting near you

Yes, I admit it.  My little Pinterest "problem" has manifested itself into a full blown ADDICTION.  Like most suffering from a Pinterest (or Facebook or Twitter) dependency, denial was my first approach:
  "Oh no!  I'm totally fine.  I just do it occasionally.  I can stop at any time."
When that no longer held any dice with the hubby, I decided to try justification:
"Well honey, they do have great recipes posted.  Remember that bacon cheddar bread I made for you last week?"
That bought me some "time" and before you know it, I was THE Pinterest dealer amongst my closest friends and colleagues:
"Sure, I'll send you an invite.  Just remember though, you get caught or addicted to this stuff, you didn't get it from me....comprende?
Of course, acceptance is always the hardest step to take, and I think I'm just about there (read:  I'm "pinning" while writing this post).  So, in honor of my recovery process, I decided to share this no sew refash inspired by one of my favorite hair trends from one of my greatest weaknesses...Pinterest.

Step 1:  The bottom hem left over from one of my shortened dresses
 Step 2:  Snipped along 1 of the side seams to create 1 long piece
Step 3:  Ironed the raw edges in
Step 4:  Tie headband in place using your favorite technique
 To achieve this knotted look, I placed the loop end at the nape of the neck, twisted at the top, placed the right side to the left and vice versa and tied at the nape of the neck.
With my hair back and out of my way, I was all set to go EXTREME thrifting at my parish's rummage sale.
St. Rita's Church in Haiku, Maui.  My parish since I was a wee lass.
 I found the mecca of refashionable treasures here and the best thing was that they were all only $0.25 a piece.
 No, really.  I'm super excited.  Can't you tell?
After spending my budgeted allowance of $10.00 at the rummage sale, took the Little Guy to Fukushima Store, a staple of Haiku and home to the BEST hot dogs on Maui.  

Hi, my name is Lori and I'm a Pinaholic.