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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pantsuits, legwarmers, and sweatbands...Oh MY!

I've been MIA for a bit and for that I sincerely apologize.  Surprisingly, I was experiencing a severe lack of inspiration.  Yeah, I had stuff in my refashion pile to get cracking on but none of it was speaking to me. 
Enter the "Vagicisers"

The elite group of OB nurses that totally rocked the house in the 52 mile Hana Relay last week.  "OB Nurses are Rad!"  Yes, we are.  Wasn't a decade of the 80's enough?!?  Not for me and apparently not for this gaggle of rad-ass gals.  That's why I was determined to take this little ditty from the totally bogus track suit and transform it into a one piece romper "Vagiciser" worthy:
Side ponytail and headband....check!!
Horrific button up jersey pantsuit...check...check!!

First things first, gotta get rid of that elastic waistband.  From the inside, I cut the waist band open on both sides, snipped both sides of elastic and removed.  I'll repurpose that later.
Both breast pockets, equally bad and equally gone.  Had to seam rip those.
Button up top, was sooooo not happening so had to get rid of those too.  I'll repurpose some later.
Since the pantsuit was jersey, I steam ironed the area that the pockets were located to help "seal" up those stitching holes.
Since the suit buttoned from the waist up, I needed to construct a new neckline.  Starting from the waistband, I stitched up about 4 inches.

Since I'm gonna be stepping in and out of this outfit, I needed to make sure the top was able to sneak over my hips.  Using the new neckline as a guide, I marked a new cut line on the back of the suit. 

I then cut straight down on this line and folded the edges in to form a V.  I repeated to the new neckline and stitched.
The sleeves were the next to get chopped.  I folded in the edges and stitched.
From the previously nixed elastic waistband (yeah! for refashioning) I cut 2, 2" strips to gather the straps.

Using the convenient front seam as a guide, zigzag stitched while applying tension and stretching the elastic.  When the tension is removed, the fabric will naturally gather.

Finally, handstitched 2 buttons to new, slimmer waistband.

and Voila! 
A totally bitchin' romper to dress up or down.
Whatcha think Team V?

That awesome huh?
Badonkakdonk, Queen Vagine, The Banger, Olga, Blondie, Nawty Nalanz, Sarah, and Dana in top form showing us that Vagiciser Spirit that scored them second FIRST place for the Team Spirit award.

Perm not required.

Peace Out!


Fight Hawaii Magazine said...

How you took something sooo gawd awful and made it hot is beyond me. GREAT JOB!
My only complaint is that I wanna see a closer photo of the top. It looks like it fits you perfectly & makes the tatas perkified!
Is there anyway you could do something like this and flare the bottom leg so I cld rock the late 70s vibe??
And no photos of the side kick, O-man!
So glad you posted. Was jonesing!

hankinsjk said...

Totally "ROCKIN' JUMPSUIT" you are so inspiring!!!

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