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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Handful of Roses, A Pocketful of Dreams

The holiday season is here.  The season to spend cherished time with loved ones, cook fantabulous (read: high caloric, carboholic) meals, shop til you drop, and party, party, party.  Add all of those together and you'll need a very versatile holiday dress...amiright?  Enter rose dress:
When I saw this dress, I immediately fell in love with the print.  1/2 part "Lily of the Valley", 1/2 part 80's lounge dress, it also had a built in tie-back (essential element to the refashion) and loads of fabric.  Would you believe that this was sized as a medium?  I'm thinking that that was either a)a big mistake or b) the 1 hour Turbo Fire sessions are really paying off....bwahahahaha.  I can dream can't I?
 The first step was to ixnay those shoulder pads and sleeves.  Seam ripper, how I've missed you.
I was planning on keeping the scoopneck for the dress, but needed the back to be a little lower.  Using the neckline of the dress, traced onto the back and snipped.  Folded in the raw edges of the armholes & back and stitched.
 Placing the dress on my dressform, took in the straps about 2 inches and
took in the dress at the sides by sewing up each of the side panels.
Trimmed and hemmed the bottom a bit.
I know what you're thinking, doesn't look much different right?  Well, once I utilize those built in back ties...
by bringing them to the front and tying a cute bow, a fun, flirty, empire waist dress emerges.  Worn as is with strappy sandals or paired with a black cardigan and boots, it is a welcomed addition to my holiday wardrobe.  As an extra bonus, there is just enough draping in the front to totally camoflauge the "post pig-out" tummy.
And the Little Guy approves.

Happy Holiday to All!!!