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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

15 minute refashion: Business chic skirt

Trying to beat the heat in the past week (word play totally unintentional, but let's face it...i have mad skillz) has been near impossible.  Day 1:  water play day with our pooch Milo.  Day 2:  swimming at a buddy's fresh water pond.  Day 3:  devise a plan to wear less clothing but still be publicly acceptable.  Enter this little ditty:
 Nothing special here, just your run of the mill business casual department store skirt that was a little too long, a little too big, and a little too used. Most likely cast off for the following:
unraveling at the seams.
I loved the color and the fact that it could stretch and figured with a little time, could be turned into a "mom" appropriate mini skirt to add to the "beat the heat" arsenal.
 Took in the skirt about 1 inch on each side seam, which eliminates those unsightly unraveled seams.
Stitched with a zigzag stitch first because the material is stretch and I thought it needed it, but discovered that it also needed a straight stitch for stability.  Trimmed and discarded the excess.
Then I cut about 2 inches off the bottom, turned in the hem twice and stitched.
Because the skirt was meant for business, there was a back zip and seam.  Since taking the skirt in at this seam might have caused some unsightly puckering, decided to let it be and instead used my fuzz shaver to eliminate those seam threads.
And with a few minutes to spare,  I have a brand new versatile mommy-mini skirt that is cool, relaxed, and kiddie appropriate.
And the Little Guy Ham demonstrating the TA-DA moment in his very own "beat the heat" ensemble.

Stay cool peeps!!