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Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Day Lei Day

WOW.  Looking back at my posts, it seems as if it has been a while since I blogged, and I hope I didn't lose any of my loyal followers along the way.  Please, allow me to explain.  The last couple months have been downright crazy for me with work, finishing up my bachelor's degree, and all the unexpected stuff that life throws at you, and so I had to sacrifice a few of my extracurricular activities.  I also gave up shopping (for "fun stuff") this Lenten season and was absolutely banned from any and all thrift shops and garage sales.   It was a TOUGH 40 days and 40 nights people.  Anywho...I'm back with a little something I picked up day 1 after my shopping ban:   

Really, nothing special, just a navy blue jersey dress by DKNY.  As this fit me pretty well, it was gonna be a quick and easy refashion.  It's all about the baby steps, baby steps.

 As any busty girl will tell ya, buttons at the bust line are tricky.  They pucker and pull and are just odd in general, so those had to go.
 I planned to turn this into a V-neck tank dress and so seam-ripped a bit at the center to ensure that my new neckline would lay flat.  I also seam ripped both sleeves.
Pinning right sides together, stitched about 4 inches from the waist up to form new V-neck.  Continued stitching around the existing neckline and stitched the raw edges of the armholes.
 I love a good maxi dress (hides the in-between shave phase..don't judge me) and so decided to leave the length.  The finished product complete just in time to wear out to Little Guy's May Day program.
A bunch of cuties and Little Guy giving me his best "natural" smile.
Performing the Hawaiian Alphabet song.  I am a sucker for dudes that know their alphabet.

 And here he is presenting me with my Mother's Day present that "I made with my own two hands Momma!"  Who could resist?