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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ode to Project Runway

Well, my ultimate favorite time of year is finally here (wow that rhymes) and that is a brand spanking NEW season of Project Runway....EEEK!!  Tim, Heidi, hopeful I've missed you.  Let me count the ways: 
1.  Michael Kors' disgusted catwalk face
2.  Heidi's dominatrix "Who will be the winner, and who will OUT" line
3.  Everything that is Tim Gunn
4.  And of course...the multiple emotional breakdowns that are bound to happen when you put 12 aspiring designers in one room and criticize their very being and soul through design. 
Hand me the popcorn...please.  All joking aside when I saw this little ditty, I was reminded of Season 3 contestant Uli Herzner.  She didn't win but all of her stuff was super cute and chic.  I was of course rooting for Michael Knight as I have a habit for rooting for the underdog.
  Oh yeah, animal print maxi know what I'm talking about, and of course my partner in crime wearing his camo PJs.  What the...
Anywho, the potential was there and aside from the fact that it was quite big and long could have probably been worn as is EXCEPT...

...the potential for MAJOR side boob action.
Don't get me wrong, side boob works at the beach and if you're under 25 years of age but as neither of those apply to my current situation, I was gonna have to (wait for it....) MAKE IT WORK!!
I started by seam ripping both of the back straps and untying the knot that was designed into the dress.  I thought I was going to be left with 2 very long straps but instead found a magic halter
Wow!  Who'd have thunk it right?  I am not really a halter girl (did I mention the side boob scare?) and decided to construct some type of racer back with the existing halter.
Next, I took in about 1 1/2 inches on each side.  This ultimately brought the sides of the bust closer to the back of the dress.
Then using the "not so long" part of the strap, draped it over the middle of the halter.
Then I connected the staps at the middle and stitched, which made it 1 piece.
I then positioned the new racerback to the plunging back and stitched.
I planned on using the leftover's of this racerback to make up the difference on the sides and so overlock stitched the ends.
Next, I took the end of the racerback strap and pinned to side of bust, repeated on other side and stitched both.
And Voila, the more mom friendly, modest back.
Look Ma, no side boob.
I also stitched up the neckline to accomplish a PG13 rating this time and..
Shortened it a bit.
Any comments from the Peanut Gallery???
Dog:  "PLAY!!"
Little man:  "Mommy can I have a snack?"
Dog:  "SNACK?!?  Ruh Roh!"
Wait, I think he wants to rock the animal print too.  Do I smell Pet Challenge?
First I measured about 24 inches from my left overs and sewed into a casing
I then traced the collar of one of my hubby's shirts, cut and stitched.

I had some stabilizer lying around so I cut a piece of that and placed into my collar casing.
Then using a freebie bikini hook on one end and a plain loop on the other side, made a closure for the collar.
That completed, got ready to take the boys out and paint the town green.  With the uber fake smile trying to tell the hubby "hurry up" and take the pic.
And not to be left unnoticed..
My handsome pooch Milo rocking his totally awesome collar.

Strike a pose Milo.
Dog:  "Food?"
The Dynamic Duo, hamming it up for the camera (while sneaking a sip of daddy's Foster's).

Be happy, BE FIERCE everyone,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Baaack!!!

I am, and I wish I could say better than ever, but sadly the universe decided to top off my crazy week with a nice 'ol PTD (preschool transmitted disease, for those without kiddos).  Add that to my insurmountable amount of schoolwork (I'm looking at you, World Civilization & History), housework, and work-work and you can see I am well on my way to the inevitable "all work and no play, makes Lori a dull (& tired) girl." 

So what's a girl to do?  Well, after blasting and shadowboxing to "Eye of the Tiger" I decided to give my creative side some free reign with this loverly little ditty that I was planning to wear for a buddy's baby shower:
 I know, I know, horrendous right??  This is what I look like when I get only 4 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period.  I thought a little BRIGHT pink might wake me up as the 4 Red Bulls, and 2 Green Tea Energy pills totally let me down.
Wait a minute...the yet unfinished baby shower gift hanging out on my dress form (*insert fist pump*)Procrastinators REPRESENT!!!
Okay, first things first..removed the sleeves with my handy seam ripper.
Measuring about 2 inches from the pleated area in the front (which I loved) cut out a new "U-shaped" neckline.  (Mental note:  freehanding it Lori, while sleep deprived, may not be such a good idea.)
Folded in the surviving neckline and armholes and stitched.  Also needed to clip curves to make it fit better.
As it was a tiny bit BIG, took in both sides a bit.
Then using my favorite method (I'm an easier the better kinda gal), snipped some length off the bottom.  My plan was to fix the hem and wear it as a dress but decided to snip a little more off and make it tunic length.
And Presto!!!  The finished product paired with my "go to" jeans and my "Super" little man.  (Mental note:  Lori, never, EVER take pics while sleep compromised as you will end up with the above cheesetastic pose).
Rockin out the new tunic with a gaggle of cool chicas.
The guest of honor front and center, and the geniuses behind the GORGEOUS shower.
Gifts!!!  And the finished diaper bag makes another guest appearance.

Sandman, here I come!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Y-E-A-H Brother!!!

Why am I speaking Hulk Hogan-ese you ask?  No, I didn't just down a Red Bull (or Full Throttle for that matter), nor did I just watch a whole bunch of WWF classics with the Hulkster, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, and Macho Man Randy Savage (R.I.P, brother!!!).  I'm just totally psyched at the print on this refashion.

I know what you're thinking, believe me the last thing I think of when looking at this dress is sweaty, fake tanned, steroid injected (just keeping it real, guys) ring kings.  In fact, when I first saw this dress, I immediately thought "designer."  I mean, it had all the qualities:  funky retro print, unique design, no shoulder pads, and made for size 0 model (argggghhh!).  And that my friends, is where the rage began..not to mention I couldn't figure out the front from the back. 
I guess the totally intentional gaping holes should go in the back..right?  I know...
....let's unleash the Hulkamania.  
(Editor's note:  Yes, it is sad when I even fail to impress my faithful tag team partner with my antics.  He definitely wasn't feeling it though.) 
Placing the dress inside out on my faithful dress form (you think I'm funny don't you?) , adjusted so that the waistline was now the new bust line.
Seam ripped a little.
Then from the bust line up, sewed about 4 inches of the neckline to make it G-rated.
Using one of my other empire waisted tunics as a guide, cut straight across the top leaving enough for a seam allowance.  This eliminated the sleeves, so I measured about 4.5 inches from the bust line on each side and seam ripped upwards toward the top.   
Next, I seam ripped the center back of tunic and stitched to make a "V" shaped back, folded in the new armholes and stitched.
Then finished off the new shoulders by pinning the freshly cut top sides together and stitching.
Paired with my fav jeans, ready to start the body slamming..with my tag team partner who is STILL not feeling it.  I know...

Maybe a visit from Grandma and a roller coaster ride will cheer him up...
(Editor's note:  I don't think Grandma realized it was gonna be THAT realistic)

Put your hands's better that way!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy shapeless Kaftan, Batman!!!

Yes, it is.  Which is why I'm guessing it was discarded on the super, ultra, marked down a jillion-times rack at a local department store.  At $4.99 brand spanking new, I couldn't resist...look at the fabric payout!  I'll have enough for a cape...or at least a really cool eye mask.
With all of this vertical action I am bound to look slim in no time..but maybe TOO much print.
Enlisting the help of one of my neglected tops..
Are you thinking what I'm thinking????  Two Tone!!! the bat cave.

 First, time to get rid of those sleeves.
New top silhouette
Then following the seam under the bustline snipped the excess, keeping the cool knotted detail in the front.
Snipped off the bottom half of the kaftan.

Since it was sorta huge, decided to try my hand at pleating the front at the waistline and staystitched into place.
With right sides together, pinned the top to the bottom and stiched along the waist,  folded the new armholes in twice and stitched.  Took the entire dress in at the sides about 2 inches and...

Awk! Biff!! Whap! Zamm!!
A new dress to hang around in.
Sadly, no thrilling adventures for this uncaped crusader tonight.  It's all about the difficult (read:  IMPOSSIBLE) history homework and saving grace...Bud Light Lime.  Someone get me the Batphone..I'm about to have a BF!!!
Just in the nick of time, my padre saves the day with a box full of super yummy Two Ladies Kitchen mochi from Hilo.  *tear* *sniff*  Thanks Dad.