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Friday, July 1, 2011

Christmas in July!!!

Well, I must have been a very good girl for at least 6 months of this year because Santa did get my letter(s) and left me a very cool (read:  kickass!) present...the dressform that I've always wanted.  Now I won't pollute my child's vocabulary by shouting expletives when trying on pinned versions of refashions. 

I found this Dallas/Dynasty inspired number (i know, i know the 80's again..what can I say?  I'm an Aries) during the same shopping trip as the last.  Marked at an outrageous $5.99 and an additional 50% off, it was a petty price to pay for a George Georgiou.  After Googling the brand "George Georgiou," I discovered (sadly, I might add) that this dress did not cost a "fortune" as originally thought; however, that didn't stop me from pretending that I was an oil and cattle ranching heiress destined for permed hair and bad dream sequences. 
 "Dahling, Do come in."

Close up of neckline and waistline.
 The "help" (bwahahaha) tackling the back yard while I refashioned.

I began by seam ripping along the neckline.  The original neckline had a great shape but too many layers so I simply followed the bust seaming from the waistline (on either side), and worked my way up to the shoulders).

In doing this, I eliminated a lot of the bulk of the front, saved the armholes and got rid of the long sleeves.

I trimmed off the sleeves with my pinking shears and was left with this.  Knowing that I wanted a straight, low back on this dress, I opened the zipper about 1/2 way, pinned it closed and snipped right above it.

That way I left a lot of material for the straps in the front and saved the zipper.  Next I folded down the back and arm openings of the dress and adjusted the bust.

It is here that my dress form makes its first appearance.  Just in the knick of time too because the *&%@^!* bust had a lot of pins.

Because the straps of this dress were originally part of the back, and uneven, I decided it would be fun (read: more easy) to braid the straps and hide any imperfections.  I cut each side into 3 straps, braided, positioned, and pinned to the back.  I also took the dress in a little at the side seams and stitched everything up.

Using one of my favorite dresses to mark the hem, I snipped the excess, folded over and stitched. 
"Thank you Dahling, Thank you!!"  The finished product minus the perm ready to go and meet the girls for a fabulous B-day shindig at the Melting Pot.

Me and my Buddy Lita with our fabulous (read: high alcohol content) beverages.

Love the Melting Pot...because nothing says elegant more than a platter of raw food brought to your table.


Mongs said...

what a lovely transformation! You're so talented. I'm your newest follower


Jamie Lee said...

You are so stinking cute! I have to admit I sometimes have a secret eye roll over the terrible refashioning I see, I appreciate the effort, but's just terrible. But, I LOVE your stuff!! I'm inspired to dig into my own never-ending always growing refashion pile, AND I'm a new follower as well!!


Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee said...

Oh, and I'M AN ARIES TOO (3/30/81) No wonder I'm in love!!

Jamie Lee said...

Lori, you ROCK! Let's collaborate on a project VERY SOON (or at least before summer's over) Let's brainstorm!!


Jamie Lee

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