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Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Y-E-A-H Brother!!!

Why am I speaking Hulk Hogan-ese you ask?  No, I didn't just down a Red Bull (or Full Throttle for that matter), nor did I just watch a whole bunch of WWF classics with the Hulkster, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, and Macho Man Randy Savage (R.I.P, brother!!!).  I'm just totally psyched at the print on this refashion.

I know what you're thinking, believe me the last thing I think of when looking at this dress is sweaty, fake tanned, steroid injected (just keeping it real, guys) ring kings.  In fact, when I first saw this dress, I immediately thought "designer."  I mean, it had all the qualities:  funky retro print, unique design, no shoulder pads, and made for size 0 model (argggghhh!).  And that my friends, is where the rage began..not to mention I couldn't figure out the front from the back. 
I guess the totally intentional gaping holes should go in the back..right?  I know...
....let's unleash the Hulkamania.  
(Editor's note:  Yes, it is sad when I even fail to impress my faithful tag team partner with my antics.  He definitely wasn't feeling it though.) 
Placing the dress inside out on my faithful dress form (you think I'm funny don't you?) , adjusted so that the waistline was now the new bust line.
Seam ripped a little.
Then from the bust line up, sewed about 4 inches of the neckline to make it G-rated.
Using one of my other empire waisted tunics as a guide, cut straight across the top leaving enough for a seam allowance.  This eliminated the sleeves, so I measured about 4.5 inches from the bust line on each side and seam ripped upwards toward the top.   
Next, I seam ripped the center back of tunic and stitched to make a "V" shaped back, folded in the new armholes and stitched.
Then finished off the new shoulders by pinning the freshly cut top sides together and stitching.
Paired with my fav jeans, ready to start the body slamming..with my tag team partner who is STILL not feeling it.  I know...

Maybe a visit from Grandma and a roller coaster ride will cheer him up...
(Editor's note:  I don't think Grandma realized it was gonna be THAT realistic)

Put your hands's better that way!!!


Jamie Lee said...

Good God I lol-ed!! Great job, I adore the top. Another refashion that doesn't make me hurl? -Check.


Jamie Lee

Fight Hawaii Magazine said...

"...I immediately thought 'designer.' I mean, it had all the qualities: funky retro print, unique design, no shoulder pads, and made for size 0 model (argggghhh!). And that my friends, is where the rage began..not to mention I couldn't figure out the front from the back."
My favorite part, although I have a bone to pick about the size zero/rage comment. Hater. jk.
I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It's friggin hilarious and makes me want to grant a pardon to all my old clothes on death row (aka black trash bag waiting for dump day).
The picture of your Tag Team Partner & Mama is hilarious. I can just imagine FF going quiet as your mom screams, "Holy SHIT!... sorry, baby, no say what I say,ok? I looove you! But... Holy SHIT that thing is like real!" Am I right, or am I right? lmao. Love you guys!

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