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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Working 9 to 5...

...and what a way to make a living, as Dolly would say.  This refashion was inspired by the early 80's film "Nine to Five," 
Work IT Girls!!!!

one of the very first Girl Power! blockbusters complete with 3 strong & equally fantastic heroines, kidnapping, revenge, intrigue, and a wardrobe as only the 80's could produce.  We're talking EXTREME secretarial chic here.  Enter sad cast off:

This dated little ditty was on the verge of being cast off  from my Gram's thrift store due to its lackluster appearance and multiple rust and ??? stains. 

The stain remains!

There was only 1 fix for this little ditty and it wouldn't be quick nor easy.  That's right, dye job.  Having never dyed any garment much less, any material whatsoever, I was a bit intimidated.  As any newbie would, I researched a bit and found loads of helpful and free info, including color combinations and dyeing techniques at, the official site of Rit dyeing products.  I wanted to transform this cast off into a sweet coral colored ensemble and enlisted the help of these two shades:

1 Tablespoon Scarlet + 1 Teaspoon Tangerine= Coral
(or so I hope)

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble...

After a 30 minute stir and soak session and a warm water wash, the resulting color is surprisingly coral-looking and much improved from the original washed out pale pink.  

 Using one of my one-shouldered refashions as a guide, snipped a new neckline.

 This one-shouldered neckline would need some pizazz so I took the sash and ruffled it using a loose and long basting stitch.

 Took the whole dress in a bit at each side and snipped the extras.

And although I hate to lose them, the pockets were causing some pulling and had to go.
*Sniff*  Bye-bye pockets.
 After folding in and finishing the new neckline and armhole (singular), attached the ruffled sash to the outside of the neckline and stitched.
And abracadabra, my new flirty dress was ready to wear for a fun night of dancing, dining, and shopping at First Friday Wailuku, Maui's own friday block party.
 This band really brought the house down.
 Little Guy totally stoked with his frozen chocolate banana.  Can you say sugar high?
Party hardy peeps!!



Claire Cooper said...

It's lovely - a great refashion!

craftyclaudes project 365 - 2011 said...

Love the color and the cut. You totally transformed the dress. Well done!

Ferly said...

Well done update! Found your blog through Maui Shop Girl {indirectly through the Ultimate Blog Party 2012}. I have been looking for more blogs by girls like me {born with a tan}, and although I don't live on the islands, the islands live in me. My hubby and I got married in Maui and we long to go back soon! Anyway, glad I found you! Newest follower!

~ Ferly
Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

Dorcas said...

Wow!!!I LOOOOVE this!!

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