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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saturday Night Fever at the...Luau???

No, John Travolta is NOT vacationing in the islands this time of year.  'Tis the season....for celebrating, rejoicing, fruitcake, and of course the company Christmas party!!!  Having spent all of my shopping budget buying gifts for everyone else this year (better to give than receive, right?), I couldn't justify buying a new party dress.  Still wanting to look fabulous however, I enlisted the aid of these two cast-offs:
an ill-fitting purple top from Victoria's Secret,
and a smocked maxi that my hubby nicknamed the "Disco Nights" dress due largely in part to, and I'm quoting here,  "the pattern's kinda funky, but not in a good way."
Thanks honey....I think....
 Enlisting the help of one of my store bought maxi dresses, measured and cut a 14 inch by 8 inch rectangle, transforming the "old" hemline of the purple top into the top seam of the new strapless bodice.
Stitched up the sides with a 5/8 seam allowance using a zigzag stitch (the top is jersey, after all)
 Wanting to utilize the preexisting gathering that the original elastic smocking of the dress provided, I snipped about 1 inch above the waistline. 
 I then placed the strapless top on the dress, right sides together, and stitched together at the empire waist.  And that's the skinny...easy peazy, lemon squeezey.
 The result?  A super comfy (and glamorous) party dress that my husband is no longer embarrassed to stand next to.
Can you dig it?

The hubby and Little Guy relaxing before hitting the pool.

 One of the many entertaining numbers performed by the luau's hula troop. Love the colors.
The Little Guy was especially impressed by the fire dancing.
Wishing you a warm and merry holiday season!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake...

And who wouldn't?  Especially a chocolate ladybug cake as cute as this:

Made especially for my buddy Laren's baby shower using two 9 inch chocolate cake rounds, buttercream icing, fondant, gel color, a pair of googly eyes, and a whole lot of time & patience.  Of course with a fabulous baby shower to attend, I would need an equally fabulous ensemble.  Unfortunately, time management was not one of my strong points this weekend and with no "easy" button in sight, had to improvise with this little ditty:
I picked up this bright sundress at a church garage sale for a whopping $1, and was immediately drawn to the colors and the cool knotted detailing in the front.
This dress reminded me of a BCBG top I purchased about a year ago (for way more than $1, I might add) and although I could've worn as is...was looking for a new top to add to my wardrobe.
Okay, onto the 15 minute refashion...
Seam ripped the straps at the back..was NOT feeling the criss-cross action.
Uncrossed the straps and pinned back in place.
 Using my favorite refashion (found here) as a guide, snipped some length off the bottom.  Folded all the raw edges in...
...and stitched it all up.
And with a whopping 1.2 minutes to spare, a new ladybug worthy babydoll top is transformed.
  Just enough time to get the cake and the Little Guy in the car and over to the shower.
 The guest of honor Laren, with said bun in said oven, was so pleased with the cake she wanted to pose with me.  No really, I didn't have to threaten her or anything.  Seeing the cake and refashion side by side, came to the realization that the colors coordinate..insert Twilight Zone theme at your own risk.
Even Little Guy was impressed.
Well, with the 3D movies anyway.

One Dollah, Make you Holla
*woot woot*
I would like to formally thank (read:  legally cite) Wikipedia for confirming that the title of this blog is indeed a quote.  Google it!!!