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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Star Wars and the Lucky Liz

I've had this little ditty in my closet for a while now, waiting patiently for its moment to shine (insert collective "Ahh!"). 
Joan Cleaver, meet Liz Claiborne....circa 1982.  Although I was immediately drawn to the color (hello pink!) and the print, had a moment when I thought it may be TOO much and almost put it in the "go back" pile.  That was until I found a treat...$3.00 stashed in one of the hidden side pockets.  Taking this as divine intervention, placed my reservations aside and took the discarded Liz home.  It also helped that this dress was only $3.99 and after the surprise cash a mere $0.99. 
Shameless REENACTMENT starring my Little Guy
(and yes, he is obsessed with Star Wars) 
Not sure exactly where I was gonna go with this (hence, the long wait), and decided to start by trimming the top from armpit to armpit.  Use the force Luke....

Ideas now forming and enlisted the aid of my ever patient and understanding dressform.

Using the dressform as a guide, sketched a new neckline. 

Wanting to try my hand at princess seams, used my tape measure and marked a diagonal line from each shoulder to waistline. 

Cut out the modified neckline.

Measuring 1/2 inch on each side of the diagonal marks previously made, formed 2 long darts from shoulder to waist and stitched. 
Placed dress back on the dress form and folded in the neckline and seams.  Stitched and took in the sides about 2 inches.
Placed the dress right side out on the dressform and using some pink double fold bias tape I had in my stash, made straps starting from the waistline..followed up the princess seams, over the shoulders and all the way down the back to the waistline.  Repeated on other side.

Stitched both ends of each strap to secure and repeated bias tape process around entire waistline.  
And the Lucky Liz reemerges victorious as a flirty sundress.
Minus the Little Guy, who wanted to help the hubby take the pic.

Close up view of neckline and princess seams..not bad for my first attempt...
Do or do not, there is no try.

May the force be with you,



Alison said...

Gorgeous dress, looks fab!

Brandy Shim said...

I love the floral pattern! And the color is gorgeous on your skin!

Wag Doll said...

Thats so pretty, and colour is just perfect for your skin tone. Fab! x

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