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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Working the Magic...

...Magic Mike that is.  Quite possibly one of the most highly anticipated movies of ALL time (move over Breaking Dawn and Hunger Games) due mostly in part to the following:
While I'm not a huge Channing Tatum fan, this movie was the perfect "Mommy's Night Out" flick...well, for obvious reasons.  Of course the gals had to pull my leg to go (not really) and I was mostly interested in the storyline (bwahahahaha), it served as the perfect opportunity for me to whip out this little ditty:
Scored for a mere $1, this colorful little ensemble was brand new with tags.  I was especially drawn to the vibrant print and gauzy material.
Unfortunately the intricate bead detailing up front was a bit much and soooo not Magic Mike worthy.  Removed post haste with handy dandy seam ripper.
Almost done!  
 I decided to take advantage of the crisscross wrap neckline and fluttery sleeves and turn this into a kimono inspired top.  I began by taking in the shoulder seams by  2 inches.  I wanted the sleeves to be as fluttery as possible, so left these untouched. 
I then removed the satin tie at the seam from the left side.  Once removed, I folded the raw edge to the wrong side and stitched.  Of course, having matching orange thread to do this would have been ideal, BUT as my last post stated, I'm a little "redneck" and didn't want to head to the store to buy some.
Lining up the tie with the cross at the bust, stitched to the band trying to overlap my white stitches to make it less obvious.  When tied with the remaining strap from the right side of the top, this detail will serve as a belt and cinch the waist.
Paired with my favorite jeans and "movie purse" I was ready to meet the girls and take one for the team.
Waiting patiently in line with about 200 other fabulous females (and 3 males) to watch the MAGIC!

Let's hear it for the boys!


Northern Transplant said...

Lori, you havee a great artistic talent reclaiming clothin
how iis the little chocolate ice cream guy?

Anonymous said...

I just love these posts! Your formula is a winner and I LOVE seeing you out and about town in the newly re-made outfit. Just precious.

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