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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Black and White Unite

Anyone who has seen my blog knows that I am definitely NOT afraid of color, but when I saw this little ditty (though it lacked a little spice) I couldn't pass it up.  Just another muumuu you say?  Kinda.  Although it looks like your tyical muum, upon closer inspection I discovered that this was indeed an original Mamo Howell.  During the 80's (here we go again with the 80's) in Hawaii, the name "Mamo" was synonymous with designer muumuus.  In short THE Cadillac, Escalade of all muums. 

Found on the last thrifting adventure with my little guy, I was subject to quite a bit of eyeballing as other thrifting junkies got whiff of this little treasure.  Although not a label worshipper, I couldn't resist getting a bit highbrow.  Oh NO, you didn't girl.  Oh YES, I did!!  I'm thinking I could turn this little ditty into the black and white maxi dress my wardrobe has been missing.

Helloooo Dahling.  What...This old thing?!? 

Bam!  Even the label is blinging..

The fabulous waist pleating that was oh so slimming.
Totally keeping that little feature and also the hidden waist pockets.
*Cough* Designer
*Cough* Mamo

Obviously got to get rid of that collar though.  And the puff sleeves.....SOOO 80's, they gotta go too.
  Seam ripper in "Ramming Speed."

The super sad leftovers being guarded by the BTKK. 
"Who loves Kitty?"

To make it more "wow" and less muum, deepened the neckline a bit to a PG-13 V-neck by
seam ripping about an inch at the center seam. 

There was a yoke attached, which I could have removed but it added stability to the neckline and I decided to keep it.  I opened it about an inch, folded both sides in, pressed, pinned together and stitched.  With the new neckline in place, I folded and pressed the armholes in and stitched those as well.

I wanted to keep this a maxi dress but wanted to lose the black banded bottom so I pressed in at the seam and stitched.  Could it get any easier??  I'm telling you, it's all about quality, quality, quality.
*Cough* Mamo

The new, modified maxi with my quality Little Guy, getting ready to celebrate
of both of my history courses.

Whoa Buddy!!!  I'm gonna have to cut you off, you're looking a little compromised.  Can you count backwards from 10?

Ahhh!  Sweet Sangria! 
"Why yes dahling, It was a Mamo. "
Strawberry Pie, I LOVE you man!!  No, no.  I mean I LOVE you man.

Muahh * Muahh,



Sharon said...

That is a great maxi - that fabric is fabulous! I would have been so jealous if I'd seen you carrying that treasure around the thrift shop. Well worth a little "highbrowing" :-)

Jamie Lee @ said...

Lori my love! You've done it again! No eye rolls here <3

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