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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mothers Run the World...Seriously!

Do you ever wonder why Mother's Day is globally hyped up from just after Valentines' Day and Father's Day is lucky if it gets a mention in the local paper the weekend before?  It's because Moms *insert expletive* ROCK!!  Let's face it, we do.  Tell me, who else is gonna get up at the buttcrack of dawn, cook the kids breakfast, brush their teeth, wipe their butts, and get them ready to watch/chase them all over God's green earth while you complete the kajillion things that you need to before you have to come back home cook dinner, give the kids a bath, wipe their butts, brush their teeth, and tuck them in.  It's a wonder that we even manage the many "I love you(s)."  And all this while still being able to tell your husband (who is looking right at it) exactly where the mustard is located in the fridge, while in another room.

But, I digress.

This little ditty was a freebie from my Grams who just so happens to work in one of the finest thrift stores on Maui.
      Oh yeah, flippin' the collar like the Gangstas we are!!
Being the clothes junkie that I am, I have a TON of day dresses to wear throughout the summer and needed a cool cover up besides the basic black & white. 
Enter ugly denim button up.
First things first, yooz gotta get riddah da collah.
(Editor's note:  Tony Soprano accent TOTALLY inteded.)
And no one wears 2 pockets, soz one a dems gotta go too!
Den ya gotta take the length out.

Den you gotta make it fit.  I took it in at the boob dahts and at the sides.  Got me?  Then stitch everything up, fold in and stitch a new hem...and
Bing, Bang, got sumthin special.  
Know what I'm saying?

Mom's Rule, Dad's Drool,


1 comment:

Jamie Lee @ said...

I love this! I just cut the sleeves off of one of my denim jackets to make a vest also, I have to take it in on the sides, I just love the denim over pretty dress look! I've been rocking it foreva! Great minds...


Jamie Lee

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