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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lace. Challenge accepted.

Like many fellow refashionistas, I'm a contributor to the Re-Fashion Co-op which provides a place for refashioners everywhere to share their projects and ideas.  Well, this week the editors at the re-fashion co-op decided to throw a design challenge our way...AND I, being the Project Runway junkie, decided it would be super fun to do.  Enter lace crop top and silk chemise:

Here's the little guy trying to pose with the dressform.  Note the extremely R-rated chemise with a slit up to...well, there.

And the lace crop top.
Both of these goodies were freebies, so I didn't mind experimenting.  Inspired by the lingerie type tanks, I wanted to combine both looks into one...but how?

The back of the chemise had a really cool elasticized band and strap detailing but no way that I would wear something that skimpy in public, even in Hawaii.

Pouting a bit because a couldn't salvage the bust, made a HUGE cut across the top.  This new cut would mark my new bustline.
Then I cut straight across on the black lace crop at the armpits.  This formed 2 rectagular lace pieces.

I placed these lace "pattern" pieces on the leftover silk pieces to form 2 identical silk rectangles.

Overlaying the lace onto the silk, placed wrong sides together and stitched together making a layered tube.  Using silk scraps, I made 2 straps leaving the ends unstitched for about 2 inches to form a corsetted type strap for the bust.  These got stitched on as well.
Matching right sides together,I pinned the new tube top to the bottom of the tunic and stitched.  

Using a few black lace scraps, I made an overlay for the lace lining the R-rated slit and as you can see from the picture above, I tacked it on...BUT wasn't digging it.  I bet you can guess why.
Design edit time!!!
Because I coudn't keep the slit and still have the top look moderately cute, I shortened the hem to right above the slit and stitched. 

Voila!!!  Lingerie inspired top I can pair with cardigan, slacks, or jeans.  It ended up being shorter than I planned because of the slit but still very wearable.  

Taking a break from nursing this little guy back to health:
She was a "gift" from my BTKK (bind, torture, kill kitty), me and my Little Guy decide to do a little thrifting.  (Editor's note: Yes, she is a bit scrappy looking but we don't hold it against her.)

Yeah, not really excited about it but being a good sport with his Jamba Juice and Pop Chips.  Returning home we discover...
that the BTKK strikes again.

Lori, OUT!

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